How To Avoid Paintball Bruises?

Paintball is a fun and exciting game for all ages but it is not easy to avoid paintball bruises when you’re in the open field. Every year, I see painful body bruises from the aftermath of paint balling. Honestly, people don’t know how to avoid paintball bruises because they don’t care or they are first timers.

Strangely enough, some people do not avoid paintball bruises, and these individuals embrace the pain (more power to them). The before and after pictures of body bruises from paintball can look pretty ugly if one does not wear the right gear. So, how can you avoid paintball bruises? Continue reading our post and we’ll give you some pointers.

Avoid Paintball Bruises

Simple Tips To Avoid Paintball Bruise

A severe bruise can really suck, especially if you get hit in the top of the head or throat. You will wind up getting more intense bruises that may take more time to heal. So here are some really simple rules to follow if you don’t want to bruise up:

  • Always wear a helmet – goggles are a must, but having the top part of your head protected it vital. You don’t want to ice your head if you get hit on top.
  • Wear proper clothing – wear long jeans/sweats and long sleeves to cover your skin. The clothing may not block the pain, but it’ll save some of your skin cells from dying.
  • Change body stance – don’t stand in the open and become a free target. Make sure you get down and dirty to avoid flying paint.
  • Take your time in the game – don’t rush to shoot the enemy and don’t be so trigger happy, it gives you away. Be a ninja and pick the right time to find shots.
  • Strategy – work with others to avoid being shot at and use sign language so your position is not given away.

Treatment For Paintball Bruises And Welts

Honestly, you can not run from the fact that you’re going feel some pain in the game of paintball. So, stop wining and toughen up. But, if you’re seriously hurt and in a lot of pain, make sure you have someone look at the bruises. In worse case scenarios, you may go to a doctor if you really can’t handle the pain. Otherwise, here some good ways to care for your bruises.

  1. Wash the bruised area and apply cold packs to it.
  2. Use lotion or skin care products to help with regenerating the skin. Read more at the Ultimate Skincare Guide .
  3. Take over the counter medications such as pain killers.
  4. Elevate your affected area.
  5. Apply aloe vera to help with pain throbbing.
Aloe vera helps with paintball bruises.

Typically, paintball bruises go away sooner since they are not too severe. There are a few things that can be placed on the paintball bruises as the very first aid. A few of the bruises are so severe they leave scars behind. Additional bruises may get raised off the epidermis. Some terrible bruises can be quite so severe they leave scars on your entire body.

Paint-balling: Where Does It Hurt The Most?

Obviously guys, it hurts the most if you don’t protect yourself down there. The most painful paintball bruises are probably the top of the head, spial cord, neck and hands. These are the worse pain you can feel. But the size of the paintball makes a huge difference on pain level. There are lots of other precautions and safety measures paintball players are able to take to avoid and minimize pain. If you don’t have the suitable protection for paintball, you are going to suffer more bruises, and more critical bruises. So it is essential to learn to look after bruises as rapidly as possible. To care for the bruises is so uncomplicated. Apply Ice One of the greatest methods to numb the pain related to bruises is ice application. Still, easy bruising can occasionally be a sign of a more severe matter.

What Does It Feel Like Getting Hit By A Paintball?

The feeling of getting shot at from paintball can be scary, especially when you get hit, it hurts like hell. But if you’re an adrenal junkie, you’ll be fine. Unfortunately, for the rest of the population, getting struck by a paintball feels like a slap to the face. It’s much more painful to get shot up close or in different body parts.

Wrong Body Gear For Avoid Paintball Bruises

Fortunately, ways on the ideal way to eliminate bruises on face do not require one to visit a physician. Most paintball injuries are associated with the game participant’s actions. Even veteran paintball players are always searching for gear and clothing suggestions that will give extra protection and comfort. Wear the suitable protective gear when you take part in paintball games. Wear the correct protective gear when you participate in paintball games. It’s actually far better if you may steer clear of the paintball hit.

Paintball Safety Gear To Invest In

You must invest in a paintball helmet! Maybe you’re going to be playing paintball in hot climate and in that case, it is not too great notion to dress a number of layers. All ingredients used to create a paintball are biodegradable. If you’re into scenario paintball, then you may want to come up with a costume all around your storyline.

Essential portion of paintball is to secure your hands. It is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense as with any sport. Just as with any other sport, it can become risky if the players do not respect some basic safety regulations. When you’re playing paintball there is going to be a good possibility that you’ll be diving behind objects and crouching on the ground, therefore it is smart to wear clothes with some sort of padding on knee and elbow joint.

Avoid Paintball Injuries With These Simple Rules

As you will shortly learn, paintball isn’t affordable. You can be certain that paintballs are non-toxic when they arrive in touch with your physique. Paintball is fantastic fun but it isn’t for everybody. As a whole, it is very safe, does not lead to major injuries and only hurts a little bit. It instills a sense of teamwork among players. It is definitely a cardio workout that will see your heart rate rise in no time at all! The weapons fire paintballs and participants say it is a style of settling feuds and disagreements that may otherwise have caused real gunfire. Here are more safety rules to remember:

  • Don’t be an idiot and follow all rules at the paintball site.
  • Wear the right shoes to run in.
  • Hydrate yourself if you’re playing all day.
  • Cover your paintball gun until it’s game time.
  • Warm up and stretch to prevent injuries.
  • Respect the ref.
  • Don’t cheat and have fun!
Proper Gear To Avoid Paintball Bruises

Below, I intent to offer you detailed information what you should wear while you’re playing paintball. Paintball is dangerous and you might get hurt! It is an excellent way to give your child a birthday party to remember, their excitement levels will be through the roof. It is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. Having paintball hauling gear allows you to haul a lot of paintballs so you’re ready to reload when required.

Final Thoughts: Avoid Paintball Bruises And Injuries

I hope you learn a few good tips on how to avoid bruising when going paintballing. Bear in mind, the majority of people play paintball during the summertime. If you’re playing to close paintballs may also break the epidermis. Paintball might be one of the most exciting shooting sports around. Playing paintball makes players sweat in addition to the dehydration lost due to the heat. Aside from the kind of marker, it’s also wise to choose what’s going to propel your Paintball from the marker itself. If you’re just beginning playing paintball for the very first time or perhaps you’ve just played few times before, it is probably that you have wondered what you should wear. Each and every paintball helmet or mask is intended to cover your face.


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