Audi R8: Know all about the Audi R8, they are simply going to be trend setters!

Audi R8 is a sports variety car which comes along with the Audi trademark Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. It was launched in the year 2006 by the German manufacturer Audi AG.The car was specially designed for high-end users, who expect performance at unprecedented levels. It was also the first car, of this production, to have LED lamps fully.This car was consequently released with variations until 2012. Then after a quick break, they have come up with the next in the series. It makes us feel so excited to mouth its name, the only Audi R8 V10.

Touted as a car with world-class performance, the makers must really have something in it which make them boast about the car. Let’s see the breathtaking features of this two-seater wagon, with no further ado:

  • The appearance of the car is what is makes it the best. The fine edges, sharp angular line, and the glass covered engine just arrests your attention, no wonder why it stole the spotlight.
  • The exclusive edition of this car Audi R8 plus serious is all set to get released in 2017. The exclusive edition comes in a titanium Black Optic exterior package and comes with an external finish.
  • Since the cars are coming under the sports variety, these supercars are built exclusively for speed. It will help you sprint ahead in no time and makes your drive a thrilling one.
  • Audi has a virtual cockpit and in it is a 12.3” LCD fully digital instrument cluster and has three visual modes.
  • Usually, racer cars aren’t street smart they have to be pampered a lot on a regular drive. But, Audi knows its place of work and can also accommodate casual driving.
  • It has automatic climate control to ensure smooth driving.
  • Power windows with one-touch up and down operations along with pinch protection.
  • The interior rear view mirrors have auto-dimming powers and the pedals are in stainless steel.
  • Safety would be any buyer’s first priority, especially when it comes to sports cars. Airbags, Anti-theft alarms, power central locking system and what not, all are a part of this sports wagon.

Audi is one of those classy cars and every single person would want to possess this would even be the lifetime goal of people since Audi range of cars aren’t affordable for all classes of people. It has a world class banner and a reputation to keep up. All is well when it begins well, bagging the world performance car award is definitely a great start for this stylish beast


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